The photos on this page are 1/5 scale installations
including Top Flite GS, CJM, Hangar 9-150 & AeroWorks Mustangs.

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Mark Willey and his dad built this gorgeous Top Flite GS Mustang.
A close up of Mark's exquisite detailing of the manifolds can be seen on the Home page.



Sean McHale built this Century Jet Models Mustang for sport flying!  Sean used both the prototype CJM exhaust kit and the prototype flush mount air filter cover kit



Jim Held installed the prototype Top Flite GS exhaust kit on his Mustang and made a number of
excellent suggestions on how to improve the installation and the instructions.



John Cole converted his Top Flite GS into a B/C version and recessed his exhaust kit.  A close up of his exhaust kit installation is on page 8 of the Detailing Instructions.



Rich Casteline's Top Flite GS Mustang ... the picture on the left shows the exhaust shrouds installed prior to painting and installing the stacks



Jaime Ramirez owns this nice GS Mustang - the picture on the left is a "before" picture ... before the installation of a PSA exhaust kit that is.
And on the right is the "after" picture


Chris Mayer built this attractive Top Flite GS Mustang


Ken Kalynuk in Canada built his Top Flite GS Mustang as the Canadian "Twilight Tear"



Tony Green converted his Top Flite GS to a B/C model


Doug Hearld's Hangar 9 - 150 Mustang


 Todd Verall's nicely done Hangar 9 - 150 Mustang


Randy Wartkentin's lovely Top Flite GS Mustang



This is Pete Miller's outstanding Top Flite GS build, now owned by David Parker



 This Top Flite GS 'Angels Playmate' is the work of Karl Womack



Paul Buckrell in New Zealand fitted an exhaust kit to his AeroWorks ARF Mustang
He first cut away the exhaust molded into the cowl, filled the opening and, after fitting the new exhaust,
repainted the cowl to match.   It looks so much better than the kit exhaust!



Here is Lars Arntsen's lovely TopFlite GS Mustang shown with his daughter.
Lars lives in Norway and built this Mustang to hone his scale detailing skills for future projects!




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